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(#007) Impressions of London Oct. 2012

“In London, everyone is different,
and that means anyone can fit in.” 

Paddington Bear

London, one of my absolute favorite cities in Europe! If you can’t imagine why this city is so great and has so many fans, let me explain – even though my last trip to London was 9 years ago.

In London there are so many people of different nationalities. These people bring their own culture which is an enrichment for society and makes life more colorful and very exciting, at least from my point of view. What I want to say is that there are fantastic artists in the field of music, art and fashion. Not to mention all the movies set in London and the countless authors who have been inspired by the city.

Since my childhood I have read an infinite number of English books. Starting with simple literature like “Harry Potter” to various dramas by Shakespeare, or detective stories by Agatha Christie or interesting stories like “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll or typical girls’ stories like…. “St. Clare’s” by Enid Blyton (German: “Hanni und Nanni”) !!! 😀

That was also the reason why I chose English as my advanced course in high school. Reading and analyzing literature and trying to understand what the author wants to tell the reader and what deep message (or not) he or she wants to give the reader is extremely entertaining. You should try this out! By analyzing literature you can easily and quickly improve your communication skills, especially if you do this in a group, and don’t forget the cup of tea, while you are reading awesome books. 😀

I personally love visiting all the museums and galleries in London and trying out great restaurants. I could continue the list forever and yet I would not manage to list all the beautiful things to discover there.

In my mind I am already planning my next visit!
Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to travel to London in 2022? 🙂

Photographer: Rabiha Ansari

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