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(#006) Desert Photo Shoot Sept. 2013 (Part 2)

Here comes the long awaited … second part of the desert photo shoot! 😀
I will keep my blog post this time short, because I already wrote a whole novel in my first blog post about this photo shoot, see link:
“The courage to ask”

The only difference between these pictures and my first post about this photo shoot is that, Erik and Jessica were not models of the East West Models agency, and did it for the fun. One of the make-up artists knew both models and asked them if they were interested to participate in the photo shoot. The more the merrier! 😉

models: Jessica Göbel and Erik Prasler

photographer & retoucher: Rabiha Ansari
location: Quarzsand- und Kieshandel Hett GmbH, Rosbach v.d. Höhe
car: Ford Mustang Cabrio ’65, Classic-Cars Krug von Nidda GmbH
head make-up artist: Agnieszka Petelak
make-up artist: Patricia Krug von Nidda


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